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Captain Marvel Pager Enamel Pin
Captain Marvel Pager Enamel Pin

[Captain Marvel] Pager Enamel Pin

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What does B-GRADE quality mean?
• Pin may have discoloration in certain areas or missing color
• Pin may have scratches, scuffs or dents
• Posts may be loose



Like Captain Marvel says: remember to use this for emergencies only!

✦ This is a limited edition pin which may not be restocked. ✦

The inspiration for this pin came from the end of (spoiler alert!) Avengers: Infinity War when Nick Fury used a transmitter to call Captain Marvel before getting snapped out of existence. With this pin, now Carol "Avenger" Danvers can be your emergency contact, too!

✦ 1" x 1.5" silver plated hard enamel pin
✦ Red, yellow, and blue (Captain Marvel insignia) packed with red, yellow, and blue glitter
✦ Double posted with two rubber clasps

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