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FREE U.S. SHIPPING on orders $35+! Free international shipping $70+!

Avatar - The Last Airbender turtle duck hard enamel pin. 1 inch tall, gold plating. Avatar the Last Airbender enamel pin, Aang enamel pin, Katara enamel pin, Toph enamel pin, Bumi enamel pin, Azula enamel pin, Sokka enamel pin, Zuko enamel pin, Uncle Iroh enamel pin, White Lotus, Fire Nation, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se, earth bending, fire bending, air bending, water bending

[Avatar - People & Pets] Turtle Duck Enamel Pin

Regular price $10.00

Please don't throw rocks at it (we're looking at you, Zuko).

✦ Turtle Duck hard enamel pin
✦ 1" tall x 0.86" wide
✦ Double posted with two rubber clutches
✦ Gold plating

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